Any age is a good time to learn something new

Sharing art with another person is an amazing experience especially young children. It is truly a joy when you watch them discover and try things for the first time. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of observing my niece, Aria, draw for the first time. She started around 12 months old drawing in a sketchbook with crayons. From there we moved on to larger pieces of paper, paints sticks, watercolor,chalk, and markers. She has drawn so much we have a huge collection of art I’m not sure where to keep it all. Overall she’s improving her fine motor skills and art skill everyday.

For my active two year old niece, she has art time almost everyday if not several times a day. Our favorite paint sticks to use are: Chunkies Paint Sticks by oorly. They are vibrant, easy to use and they dry very quickly. One downside to this product is if you use too much it one spot it will take awhile to dry. If paint is accidentally drawn on other surfaces like the table or clothing you can easily clean it using wet wipes. You’ll get the experience of painting without the mess. Chunkies Paint sticks cost around $14 for 12 color sticks. There’s a good amount of product and the color payoff is amazing. I believe it’s worth the price I highly recommend especially if you don’t like cleaning brushes.
You’ll find these bullet points on their website and I approve each statement.
  • Painting with a stick
  • No brush or water needed
  • Quick drying
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Thick barrels are great for little hands
  • Comes in 12 paint colors
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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