Beginner Artist

Want to become an Artist? Not sure where to begin? Start a sketchbook! A sketchbook is a wonderful way to explore art making. It’s less stressful and it will help you build your art skills.

Still not sure?
Here are five reasons why you should start a sketchbook.

  1. Helps lower your stress levels.
  2. It May help with cognitive function.
  3. It’s personal and unique to you.
  4. You can travel with your sketchbook and document things around you.
  5. Experiment with different mediums and styles of art.

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Daily Sketchbook Lessons

Interested in sketching? Please check out my YouTube page. I will post a short sketchbook video every Monday-Wednesday.

A few sketches from my sketchbook

  1. Observational drawing (Draw what you see).Find an object from around the house and draw it. Decide if you want to spend 5mins,10mins,15mins,etc drawing that object.
  2. Doodle (I looove Doodling!) Start with a few lines or shape and go from there. The possibilities are endless. Use differing mark making techniques to create unique pages of art. The objective is to fill the page.